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How Can I Do Quality Control Checks on Process Free Plates?



The measurement of the dot size or tonal value of an offset printing plate, before it is sent to the pressroom, has long been an integral part of the printer’s quality assurance processes. Indeed, Kodak, in line with all major offset plate manufacturers, has promoted measuring dot size for many years. The purpose was to confirm that the dots throughout the tonal range were within acceptable tolerances, thereby enabling the presses to achieve the required quality.

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Published: October 23, 2014

Who are the 1000 SONORA Plate Customers?

1000 SONORA Plate Customers

A couple of weeks ago, we announced that Kodak had reached a significant milestone with our SONORA Process Free Plates – our 1,000th customer. Congratulations to Reynolds and Reynolds for reaching that goal with us!

One thousand. That’s a pretty big number, and it’s growing fast with most customers converting in the last 6 months and many more testing the plate. Who are these customers?

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Published: August 05, 2014

What's Next for Kodak Plates?


Have you ever wondered where new plates come from? 

Here is your chance to get an inside look at the strategy behind Kodak's product development for plates. In this new video, Todd Bigger, Kodak's Worldwide Product Management Director for Plates, Output Devices, and Service, outlines the four pillars on which Kodak is focusing to develop the next generation of printing plates. 

Perfect Plates

Aluminum Roll

"We need to know, and our customers need to know, that every single day the product that we're producing is the best in the world." 

Product quality has always been important here at Kodak, but in the last few years the Plates team has been working to deliver not just high-quality plates, but "perfect product," according to Kodak's Todd Bigger, Worldwide Product Management Director - Plates, Output Devices, and Service, in a new video.

SONORA Plate Manufacturing Goes Global

Columbus Plant

One mark of success for a product is when it becomes popular enough to warrant manufacturing in different locations to satisfy the needs of customers throughout the world. SONORA Process Free Plates have hit that milestone.

Kodak has been adding capacity at its Osterode, Germany, Xiamen, China, and Columbus, Georgia, plants to meet the growth in demand for the plate, which lets customers eliminate processing and chemistry from plate making while providing mainstream plate capabilities.

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Published: July 14, 2014
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